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American Colonial Instrumental Music

Peter, Moller, and Gehot may not be household names, but American Colonial Instrumental Music shows their importance in early American classical music. All three composers were born in Europe but spent much of their careers working in America as church music directors and organists. This recording features four complete works, some of the earliest American chamber music, elegantly performed by the Moravian Quartet and the New Music Quartet.

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Spirited sounds from across the sea to the shore of the new land...

1. Rickett's Hornpipe/ Fishers Hornpipe 2. Maiden Lane/ Jack O' Lent/ Chestnut/Bonny Broom 3. Parting Friends/Primrose 4. Flowers of Edinburgh/East Neuke of Fife 5. Prelude / La Catherine 6. Planxty Browne/Planxty Burke 7. Cutie Clat Her 8. John Come Kiss me Now 9. Scots Tune 10. Carolan's Farewell to Music 11. A Port 12. Yeil, yeil 13. Kedron/Saint's Delight/Promised Land 14. Gird the Logie 15. La Belle Cavalier 16. La Luxillier/La Balanje 17. Federal Overture 18. Death & Life Category Music License Standard YouTube License Music "Prelude / La Catherine" by Hesperus: Early Music Ensemble